Hire a Driver in Dubai is Hard Get Road Risks Guide for Drivers.

Hire a Driver in Dubai is Hard Get Road Risks Guide for Drivers.

It is life-threatening in Dubai to rent a car yourself and go out there; not only is the traffic chaos, but the directions are also disastrous. That is why it is pointed out on all fronts not to drive yourself in Dubai but to use an experienced driver/guide. So, it is hard to hire a driver in Dubai at your doorstep. It’s not confirmed whether that person is experienced or has a driving license.

People who think they can drive a car in Dubai without a license are wrong because the police can stop you from using a car without a driver’s license; something happens; you are not insured. 

Hazards Associated with Roads, Visibility, and Weather.

If you are driving, you must adapt your behavior to the road, visibility, and weather conditions of the moment. For example, the grip of your tires will be different on a clean and dry road surface than when you drive on wet asphalt. Your braking distance is at least 1.5 times longer with a bad road surface and lousy weather conditions.

Here we discuss various road, visibility, and weather conditions that drivers will encounter in traffic and the possible restrictions. It is significant to reminisce about these risks while hiring a driver in Dubai. Every driver should know these steps but if he is unfamiliar, then guide him.

Standing in A Traffic Jam When It Rains

What should we do when it rains? Ask your safe drivers not to drive too fast and adapt to the speed of the other drivers. Keep enough distance not to cause an accident, but not so much that you further reduce the flow of the road.

Hazard Perception 

In the event of potential danger (a dangerous situation could arise), the driver should follow these steps. Use the option of brakes when:

  • Dangerous situations.
  • Bad road conditions.
  • When overtaking and oncoming traffic
  • Bad weather conditions.
  • During traffic jams, congestion, and other obstructions.
  • Significant speed differences between different road users.
  • Road narrows, narrow roads, oncoming traffic, or obstacles.
  • Busy shopping areas and near schools.

Rain, snow, or hail

As rain, snow, or hail falls on the road, friction on the surface decreases. A vehicle aquaplanes when it loses contact with the ground due to a layer of water on the road. Due to the slippery and reduced visibility created by rain and snow, hire a driver in Dubai from your workplace becomes a challenge in rainy weather.

 If there is still snow on the road, road signs, road markings, and other signage are often difficult to see or just not visible at all. In winter conditions and hail, take into account mistakes that other road users may make or apply the principle of defensive driving.


Foy weather is arriving at the end of the season, and it consists of water droplets that are so small and light that they float. The fog drops scatter light; this leads to a reduction in your field of view. In fog, drivers generally drive a bit slower but also closer to their predecessors. Due to the reduced field of vision and the reduced visibility, accidents are more likely to occur. Crossroads, slip roads, and road narrowing is especially dangerous. When the rainy season starts, it’s very hard to hire a driver in Dubai because fog drops can cause road accidents.

Roads Under Trees

Roads under trees with overhanging leaves can seriously reduce your vision. If your vision is seriously impaired, this also means that your fellow road users poorly notice you. You may experience the reflection and glare of the sun’s rays from the water droplets on the leaves. It is always wise to use a low beam in these situations to be seen better. So, when you hire a driver in Dubai, guide him if he forgets to follow these steps, and if you are driving, then try to follow these all steps.

low sun

The rising and setting sun can significantly reduce the visibility of road users. During low horizon times, the sun can cause a dazzling effect This phenomenon can sometimes be seen an hour before sunset and an hour after sunrise. The road ahead is no longer visible to drivers, even though they can still see through them. Indirect sunlight can also cause problems, such as the reflection of light in glass buildings, noise barriers, or other cars. 

The sunlight will also make the dirt on the windows visible, which can hinder your view considerably. Wet road surfaces reflect sunlight, further reducing visibility. Have clean windows, use your sun visor or sunglasses, and make sure you keep enough following distance. To be seen better, it is always recommended to use your low beam. Oncoming traffic looking into the sun will therefore see you better.

Key Points to Hire a Driver in Dubai:

  • A quality car with air conditioning.
  • An experienced driver.
  • All toll and tax rates.
  • Compensation for accommodation and meals for the driver.
  • It is highly recommended to tip the driver at the end of the last ride.


Driving is the most dangerous job, and if you are in search of hire a driver in Dubai, then it might be a bit tricky. When hiring your diver, guide him if he is doing something wrong and remember all the above steps when driving in the UAE. Sometimes it happens that drivers are fresher’s they are best in driving rules, but they neglect these steps. So, it’s your moral duty to guide them.